International Seminar: Governance and Public Managment

Is directed to:
Work Meeting of Experts, Teachers, Executives, Directors of Higher Education, Leaders of Academic Programs, University Authorities.

Nature of the meeting
The International Seminar is a virtual meeting of experts and researchers from universities and higher education centers to share their experiences on governance and Public Management from the perspective of each country.

Friday, September 09, 2022

Presentations will be made on the following topics:
• Governance
• Public Management
• Good Governance experiences and practices
• Ethics in Public Function

The exposure time per panelist is 25 minutes, exposure by videoconference and answers to questions.

event language
Presentations can be made in the following languages:
• English
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Russian

Registration as a participant
To register as a participant, go to the following link:

Technology to use
Experts will connect through a private channel on Google Meet
The participants will view the presentations through the Facebook Channel and the web pages of the collaborating institutions

whatsapp online
+56-991 090 863

+56-964 263 806

Contact the local reference center in your country