University Cooperation Mechanisms,
Eurasia and Látin América

Headed to:

Working Meeting of Experts, Teachers, Executives, Higher Education Managers, Academic Program Leaders, University Authorities.

Nature of Meeting

The forum is a Virtual Meeting of Experts through videoconference, presentation of its universities and faculties and on the mechanisms of cooperation between academic institutions that include, but are not limited to cooperation in research, lectures and students


Forum is a private meeting of university experts to be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022


Cooperation between academic institutions:

• Research cooperation

• Lectures for teachers and students


Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Rusia Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazajistan, Uzbekistan, Rusia, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Nepal


The exhibition time by panelist is 15 minutes., exhibition by videoconference and absolution of questions.

Event Language

English, in an exceptional way, translation from Spanish to English will be provided


To register your exhibitions, enter the following link:

Number of Participants

14 experts from different institutions in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Technology to be used

Sessions through Google Meet


Whatsapp Online